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2007 Schedule

Friday Jan 4th Sting home opener
Saturday Jan 12th at Colorado
Friday January 18th home game
Thursday January 24th @ Portland
Saturday January 26th @ Rochester
Saturday Feb. 2nd @ Edmonton
Friday Feb. 8th @ Calgary
Sunday Feb. 17th @ home
Friday Feb. 29th @ home
Saturday March 8th @ Calgary
Friday March 21st @ Home
Saturday March 29th @ Home
Saturday April 5th @ Portland
Friday April 11th @ San Jose
Saturday April 12th @ Home
Saturday April 19th @ Home Final regular season game







We still miss you Arizona Sting Lacrosse!

2005, 2007 Western Division Champions


Unofficial Arizona Sting Lacrosse website
Maybe someday the Coyotes will bring back the Sting, at least we can hope!

Picture by B.S.

What is the oldest North American sport?

If you said baseball you would be wrong
The oldest North American sport that is played professionally today is Lacrosse. Developed by native Americans as early as the 15th century it was played with as few as 100 and as many as over a thousand players and a game would last for 2 or 3 days!. 

What is the fastest growing sport in America?

If you said soccer you might want to seek some professional help!  Did you not notice that this is a Lacrosse website? Lacrosse is America's fastest growing sport. It is often called the fastest sport on two legs but I prefer to think of it as hockey with traction.

What is the national sport of Canada?

Wrong, hockey is a religion in Canada. Lacrosse was designated the national sport of Canada when the Dominion of Canada was created in the 1800's and still remains as such today although it does now share that honor with hockey

What is the fastest growing professional sport in Arizona?

OK who is the wise guy that said it was football, just because there were two people in the stands at the last Cardinal's home game does not mean the sport has doubled in popularity!

What sport did Glen "Pop" Warner substitute for baseball at the Carlisle PA Indian school?

Now you have got it, Lacrosse was substituted for baseball because "Lacrosse is a developer of health and strength. It is a game that spectators rave over once the understand it," he said. He undoubtedly had an ulterior motive. Lacrosse, a contact sport, would better prepare his grid warriors for the fall football season.

What is the most exciting game and best value for your sports dollar?

Plain and simple if you do not think Lacrosse is one of the most exciting professional sports played anywhere than you have not been to a Sting game. Try it out, tickets start at just $80 for the full season with individual games for as little as $15 at the gate. 2006 Special, lower level tickets start at just $10

Who was the first professional  sports franchise to raise a banner at the Glendale arena?

The 2005 Western division champion Arizona Sting

Plain an simple if you like Lacrosse then
you will love the Arizona Sting!

If you don't know anything about lacrosse but like a action packed hard hitting sports you would have loved the Arizona Sting!

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